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 Please see details below of services available.

Initial Acupuncture and Herbal Consult

Woman Receiving Acupuncture

An Ancient Science

This will be a hands on treatment with acupuncture, and possibly moxibustion (prepared mugwort therapy), cupping, tui-na, electro-stimulant therapy, ear-seeds, and therapeutic bleeding.  We will deep dive into patient history and develop an herbal formula and discuss dietary therapy upon patient's request. All to leave feeling more rejuvenated and refreshed and balanced.


Reiki Treatment

Balance Your Chi

This can be used in conjunction with other alternative therapies. It takes into account the whole person and helps activate each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being. All while being a needle-free treatment.

Herbal Consult

Medicinal Herb

Natural Healing

The earliest evidence of Chinese herbs being used for medicinal purpose dates back to 1066 B.C. For over 3,000 years the Chinese have integrated herbal remedies into their daily lives to manage chronic and acute conditions or to preserve health and vitality. Through countless years of clinical trials, the experience, and knowledge of herbs have been recorded and passed along, leading to Chinese Herbal Medicine as it is practiced today.
Chinese herbs work synergistically with acupuncture for more comprehensive therapy. Together they promote energetic balance and improve the effectiveness of acupuncture, giving quicker and more lasting results. Herbs are taken daily to supplement therapy and facilitate the healing process between acupuncture treatments. Herbal therapy may also stand alone when acupuncture is not necessary, or to maintain balance and vitality.
The largest public movement supporting the use of herbal formulas for medicinal use came in 1949 in China. While modern pharmaceuticals were both difficult to obtain and relatively expensive, the Chinese government encouraged the use of herbs as a cost-effective alternative to Western drugs. Facing similar issues today, many people are seeking efficient and relatively less expensive methods of therapy.
Herbal therapy is tailored to your individual condition, modified to keep up with your progress and ever-changing physical condition. We prescribe high quality prepared herbs in powder or pill form that are convenient and easy to use. We also supply raw herbs for use as herbal teas.

Pediatric Care


For infants, toddlers and children.

Shonishin is a pediatric method developed in Japan, which was based upon TCM theories from 2,000 years ago. It first came into practice in the 17th century, but in the last 80 years it has become the main treatment for keeping children healthy throughout Japan, and is respectfully used as a treatment for childhood illnesses. The word Shonishin translates exactly as pediatric acupuncture. It is suitable for children of all ages including infants that may be struggling with colic or eczema.
Parents must be present during these appointments.

Cosmetic Acupuncture


For Beauty and Health

Cosmetic acupuncture takes the individual’s constitution, lifestyle, nutrition, and current health including emotional state into consideration to bring about a more youthful appearance. It is optimal to treat the skin as part of the whole.  If you are looking for an affordable alternative to chemical therapy, this is for you.

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